Crochet bunny free pattern

With Easter right around the corner I thought I would share my super duper cute little bunny pattern.

So this pattern is one I designed many many years ago when I decided I want to make patterns. But nothing came from it. It took about 5 years to get round to actually write it. But hey ho.

If you wanted to know, I just had bunnies hidden away everywhere waiting to be written up. Just so many bunnies.

To actually make the pattern I had to make at least 1 more bunny to make sure I got the pattern perfect.

While I was finishing making my first few proper test bunnies, I was super worried that it wouldn’t be recognised as actual bunnies. Until the boy that practically never sees any bunnies started shouting bunnies! (He’s only 2 and still learning everything!)

So without further ado, the link to the pattern is just HERE!

Your cute little bunny can be made with either a sewn on little smile or without like mine. Either way they’ll be super cute.

I’d love to see your bunnies when they’re done. Just tag me on Instagram @titchybits