So last year I started making lots more knitted jumpers than I’m used to. Mainly because I found when I had made a jumper I found it really rewarding once I had made it, but also because using someone else’s pattern can help you learn how each garment works up. Definitely something you need to know if you want to create your own patterns, which is something I really want to do.

My tile for this post might sound like I’ve made a lot of jumpers this and I bet you’re curious to know how many otherwise you wouldn’t be here, and I really don’t mind telling you.

I can proudly tell you I’ve made 4 whole jumpers in 2018. It may not sound impressive or a lot but for most of the year I’ve been suffering with tendonitis and have only been able to knit and crochet since August. So 4 jumpers in 5 months with lots more completed projects is pretty impressive to me. It might also be the reason why my tendonitis has come back…..

Toddler alpaca jumper

Sirdar made an amazingly cute baby pattern in their wool, No. 1. Amazingly cute and I need it. Although I really wanted to use stylecrafts alpaca wool for it. It was a mistake because you can’t really see the pattern at the bottom of the jumper. That isn’t going to stop me from loving it.

Aran jumper

So the first jumper for myself I finished this year was my Aran jumper. Okay, so I started a small bit of this jumper about a year ago, but I did do most of it this year so I’m counting it.

Aran jumper

I was given to giant balls of Aran Tweed wool and used a discontinued pattern out the mass amount of patterns I had collected. ( I think in total I’ve bought probably 4 patterns.)
There was a problem with the pattern I had chose, as one of my cats decided to destroy it and I knew I couldn’t buy a new one!

Adult alpaca.

Before I had bought the alpaca wool for the boys jumper I had bought myself some in the chunky version. I bought enough of the charcoal and bright red to make a jumper in each!
To be fair I was really rubbish at guessing how much I need and was only able to make a plain jumper out of the charcoal one.

Alpaca Chucky jumper. Knitting

I loved this pattern is used for it though. It was so simple I rarely looked at my knitting and just had my eyes glued to Doctor Who for ages!
My first projects is going to have to be the red version of this jumper.

Granddad cardi.

So this was the last jumper of the year and I cut it quite fine, timing wise. I finished the jumper on 31.12.2018 9.56pm. Just over 2 hours until the new year and some how I remember the exact time it was finished (I can’t normally remember what I have for breakfast).

Knitted Grandad cardigan

I’ve knitted this jumper before and it’s probably the most expensive pattern I’ve ever bought but I’ve justified buying it because you can wear it from birth the an XXL adult. So basically your entire life!

Not only do I love it the cheeky monkey loves it too. As soon as I put it on him the first thing he did was to put his dummy in his pocket.

What was your favourite make last year? Or the most impressive think you’ve made.

I can’t wait to see what I make this year!