So whenever I’m talking to someone who’s wants to start knitting and are going to attempt their first project that requires the correct gauge to get the correct size (projects like jumpers and cardigans, not so much like toys).

A gauge swatch is important for both knitting and crochet

Knitting needles

To get the right size gauge with knitting you can either change the size of your needles or if you’re like me you can change the style of your knitting, going from continental to English style knitting. For my this effects my gauge hugely changing my needles by at least 1mm Up to sometimes 2mm.

You may not think there would be a huge difference between the different needle sizes but it will make all the difference when you try to make a jumper for yourself and the gauge it’s too small.

I’ve made a few knitting samples using double knit yarn and 3 different needle sizes, 3mm, 4mm and 5.5mm. Each sample has 15 stitches and 10 rows.

Knitting samples

knitting swatches

Hopefully when you see the photo above you can see that the bigger the needle the bigger the stitches are meaning the whole project will become bigger.

Don’t worry if you came to see the importance of hook size, that’s coming up.

Double knit yarn normally requires a 4mm needle (which is the middle sample) when creating wearable projects.

However when making things like toys is preferred to use needles smaller. This is to make sure the stuffing doesn’t come out of the stitches.

Crochet samples

Crochet hooks

The same is also true with crochet. I made samples using the same yarn, same size hooks and the same amount of rows and stitches too!

crochet swatch

So to get the correct size for your project making a gauge Swatch is important for both knitting and crochet. Just because a certain size needle works with one yarn it doesn’t mean it won’t work with another yarn.

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