After years of only having cats to worry about destroying Christmas (decorations that is), the time has finally come for me to worry about my cheeky little monkey destroying it. Having to put all the decorations back up doesn’t worry me at all, but the thought of them breaking does. One of the simplest way to stop that is to make like half a million soft decorations, basically toys. So that’s what I’ve started. The other really simple way is it just not have any, which I would never do. Think of me as excited about Christmas as buddy the elf. It’s not just the presents I’m excited about, it’s the decorations, buying presents the music, the whole feel about Christmas I love. Don’t get me wrong I love opening presents, I’ve had earlier presents and cards wrapped up just for me to open them!

The first set of decorations that I made was some Christmas stockings, some for the tree and some for an advent calendar. The pattern can be found here.

Crochet Mini Christmas Stockings

Crochet bauble.

The second soft ‘toy’ decorations I made using a pattern I got in a magazine a couple of years ago. Crochet baubles.

Crochet Christmas bauble

Although making these baubles were super simple, when I went to sew them together they turned out more of a cylinder shape rather than a ball shape. Not sure it’s one I want to make again.

Crochet Christmas Bauble

XL Christmas lights.

The next set of baubles I made were made using repeat crafter men’s XL Crochet Christmas Lights, which can be found here.

XL crochet Christmas lights

I don’t have much chunky yarn so I had to improvises using 2 strands of DK yarn to make a chunkier yarn to work with. Because it’s a chunky pattern it works up really quickly and gets big pretty quick.

XL crochet Christmas light baubles.

I love the pattern and want to make so many little ones to dot around the tree.

Obviously the next task is to make loads more.