It’s not something I do very often but sometimes it what’s needed for the look I want to create, or just repairing something. Sometimes you do need to sew, especially when normal clothing didn’t fit, like my boots.

Every time I go to buy boots I have the hardest time finding any that fit around my calf. If I like ankle boots this would be such a problem, but I can’t stand then and I just love knee high boots. Unless I’m willing to spend £100’s on a pair boots that fit or go without any I had to find a way to make them larger around the calf.

Materials needed

All I needed was some elastic, thread and needles.

The first thing I have done was put them on and zip them up as far as they would go. That would the minimum I needed to adjust them by. It was just lucky the elastic I had bought was the same width.

Let’s start chopping and sewing.

The next bit was really rather scary. I needed to start cutting the boots them self. I found a nice seam that would hide the fact I was just randomly chopping bits of boot.

Boot seam

While unpicking the seam was nice and easy the was a band running along the top, on the inside that had to be cut neatly.

Cut boot , alterations

Once they have been cut, it’s time to cut bits of elastic and slide them into the bit between the lining and the outside.

After 5 minutes of fiddling with the elastic and getting them into the right position, its time to sew them up.

Alternating boots, sewing

All finished

After years of not being able to find boots that fit my calves, I’m so happy I’ve found a way around getting them to fit. It’s just a small amount of effort compared to finding some that fit straightaway