After been given to 2 large balls of Aran wool. Hayfield bonus aran. I thought I would finally make myself a snuggly cable jumper. It seems like I have a bit of an obsession with cable knits at the moment. I want every think made with cable knitting. Even though I call it wool, it actually has a 20% wool content so it’s warmer than ordinary acrylic yarn.

I started my jumper about September time last year and have only just finished it this week. Although I think a year is about right when I hurt my wrist so bad I couldn’t knit for 4 MONTHS. It was a nightmare, then I had to make sure I had made the boys presents for Christmas, definitely more important. I had to make much more than presents ready for Christmas, like the decorations, they had to be done by December.

While having other things to make and having time off from knitting there were other reasons I couldn’t finish it sooner. I only had a limited amount of time during the day to knit, about 2/3 hours a night. My cat destroying my discontinued pattern. Don’t worry I managed to save it enough to be able to scan and print it out.

Got my little helper being ‘helpful’. Don’t worry he wasn’t the one that destroyed the pattern.

Cable knitting with out a cable needle and using a crochet hook

I kept misplacing the cable needle constantly so I needed to improvise with a crochet hook. Amazing for when you need a cable needle in a hurry.

cable knit jumper in progress

The back panel of the jumper was the longest part while making it. Not only was it because I had to learn the pattern, it was because I had that 4 month ‘break’.


cable knit jumper

Through out the whole project there was probable half a million mistakes that littered the jumper, but luckily you can’t notice them with out looking really really closely. I can’t find them but I know they’re there.