Story time.

Ever since my little monkey was born I wanted him to have personalised, well was going to say Christmas decorations but really just everything personalised. I wanted to get him an advent calendar that could last him forever but we’re coming up to our 3rd Christmas and I never got round to it. Now he’s going to really enjoy Christmas I finally decided to get a wiggle on and make him one, using mini Christmas stockings!

Click to skip to pattern or you can click here to find the pdf version along with the rest of my own crochet patterns.

Mini Christmas stockings

When I came finally got round to starting to properly plan these stockings I thought there would be nothing better than a set of stockings not only made by mummy but designed by mummy too, (not that he would care for a couple of decades). This advent calendar would be something he uses year after year after year. I want him to know his mummy loves him so much to make him something from scratch. (Minus the spinning my own wool). It’s something that he will always remember about Christmas. Plus that idea makes me extremely happy too.

I didn’t go straight into the project not know the basic idea of what essentially is a sock. I’ve made a handful of patternless toe-up socks. I’m wearing my favourite pair now, but shush don’t tell anyone.

Even though there’s quite a difference between knitting and crochet, the idea and structure are the same. This just means I had to translate what I do for knitting socks to crochet and scaling that down a lot.

Basic sock structure

Start out with X amount,

increase to Y amount, work for Z amount of rows,

the ‘tricky bit here’ work half about of Y to decrease to half of X amount then increase back to Y then work for Z amount of rows and add rib.

When writing it out like that it seems pretty easy. Although I did just cut out the ‘tricky’ bit and added the heel afterwards as your gonna see soon.

My pile of mini stockings

Piles of mini christmas stockings

Strung up and ready for December, or is it a bit early?Mini Christmas stocking advent calendar

Mini Christmas stockings pattern


4mm crochet hook
White DK yarn (50g)
Red DK yarn (50g)
Stitch markers


Sc – single crochet
Sc2tog – single crochet 2 together



Magic ring sc 6 (6)
1) 2Sc to end (12)

2) 2 Sc, sc in next sc, repeat to end (18)
3) sc to end (18)
Fasten off and change colour


4-8) sc to end (18)
9) sc 4, ch 9, skip next 9 sc, sc 5 *chain space makes heel (9)
10) sc 4, sc 9 in chain space, sc 5 (18)
11-17) sc to end (18)
Fasten off and change colour
18) sc to end (18)
19) sc 11, ch 11 sl st into bottom of chain, sc to end (18)



Start in corner of chain space.
1) sc 10 in chain space, sc 10 (20)
2) sc2tog, sc 6, sc2tog x 2, sc 6, sc2tog (16)
3) sc2tog, sc4, sc2tog x 2, sc 4, sc2tog (12)
4) sc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog x 2, sc 2, sc 2 tog (8)
Sew edges of heel together and weave in ends.

I would love to see your mini stocking!

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