Finding the pattern

So with all the knitting and crochet I somehow do, I obviously have plenty of yarn left over. Most of the yarn I have is double knit. With a lot of the same weight but different colours I need something patchwork-like. The first think of is a quilt/blanket and I had just happened to see this hexipuff blanket pattern by tiny owl knits
Which can be found here

Hexipuff blanket

But I didn’t want to use 4ply just because I don’t have much of it. I want to say I had a little play around and a good long search before I found a pattern I wanted to use for it. But to be honest, I didn’t. I found the pattern for the hexipuff first, then I found the bees keepers blanket after trying to work out what to do with the little hexipuffs first.

Tinyowls made a video describing her blanket and I just love it!

Starting the project.

After sitting down for about a week and started making ‘lots’ of puffs out of scraps of yarn that were lying around. Once I had made about 7 I measured how much that little group is and worked out I need 25 more groups. Which makes 175, with the 7 I’ve already made that just leaves 168.

Hexipuff blanket

So with 168 hexipuffs left to make it’s going to be a huge project. I could either make 1 a day, and it will be done in 24/25 weeks with the stuffing and sewing. Or I could try to make 7 a day and be done in 4 weeks. But 7 a day is a lot.

Hexipuff blanket

I want to finish the hexipuff blanket in a month. It does requires a lot of more hard work than most projects I do.

I doubt that will happen with the amount of other projects I want to finish before December.

I’ll post more when more hexipuffs are done.