An obsession

So I have a bit of an obsession at the moment, a weird one but an obsession none the less. What’s this obsession? Snoods of course, and there’s a story to go with this obsession too.

Yes 3 snoods is wild for me

The first meeting

At work when we first the new wild yarn, a fake fur yarn, I couldn’t NOT have it. It was so soft, snuggly and most importantly oh so so so FLUFFY… I would question anyone’s choices if they didn’t want it. Although I had no idea what to make with it, I just knew I just had to have it.
I feel super lucky that it had a free snood pattern on the band. Normally I would never wear anything like a scarf or snood but it was getting close to winter and I wanted to keep warm no matter what. I was willing to try either scarfs or snoods.  I’m pretty sure it was a sneaky way to use this new yarn I was dying to try out.

I believe that that was a 2 birds 1 stone situation.

I didn’t really have a preference if had a scarf or snood the thing I really cared about was if I got to use the new wild yarn that just looks so warm and cosy.

My snood was a super simple colour as I wasn’t sure I would suit wearing them so I chose white and grey, the perfect colour to go with just about everything. I didn’t use circler needles much then and that meant that I obviously used straight needles, which left a nasty seam (where I’m so rubbish at sewing fluffy yarns).

Once I started to feel comfortable wearing my snoods I wanted a brighter coloured one, and whats brighter that pinks, oranges and reds. I’ve always enjoyed wearing red colour (it is my favourite colour and a colour I suit).

Running out if time.

It felt nice to have a choice of snoods to wear in the winter but it did start to get a bit boring to just wear the same 2 all the time. I started to plan the next colour to buy, multicolour obviously. just so bright and colourful. At the end of summer, I learnt that the wild yarn was being discontinued I had to act fast and buy my last ball of wild.

It’s a super simple pattern and really easy to make up but for my first set of snoods I over the moon with them. My latest one isn’t as stretched as my first 2 but over time it will definitely get there.


I’ll try not to wear the all at once when I do wear them out.