Finally! The wrist pain is gone and I can get back to my knitting and crochet! In small controlled doses and with my support to help prevent it coming back, but its better than nothing.

So the first project has to be a small one that won’t take too long and doesn’t have much to do, like a toddler jumper…thats small right? At work, we have a sample of a Sirdar pattern, No.1 4848 and its super popular.


After a few months of um-ing and ah-ing, I finally decided to buy it and have a slight obsession with teal and alpaca wool I thought it would be a great idea to use that for my precious little boy.


I was oh so terribly wrong, about 5 rows after the pattern diamonds were done I realised that it hadn’t shown up very well. As you can see. Oh well, it’s a nice subtle pattern now in a lovely colour and a fancy alpaca wool.


I think that this pattern should always definitely be done in the Sirdar No.1 yarn or a yarn that has a cotton-like finish (or cotton) to be able to see the pattern properly, although I can’t tell you what you do or use, but you’ve been warned.

Now I don’t get too much time to do my knitting during the day, maybe a few hours in the evening, so I wasn’t able to make my super cute alpaca toddler jumper as quickly as I wanted to (I wanted it done in a few days as the boy didn’t really have any jumpers or cardigans and its starting to get cold again!) so it took about 2 weeks between all the work, chores and just plain making sure the boy or cats didn’t mess up my wool. Unfortunately, the boy had found his way to the ball and had a good old play with it, luckily I only had the border to do and a different ball I could use.

I normally make some mistakes while knitting, it’s not the end of the world I mean it makes it even more unique no one is going to have the same pattern in the same wool with the same mistakes (and I don’t actually fancy frogging my work to fix it, laaaaaazy!)

I think the hardest part of making the jumper was finding cute little buttons I loved because I just love natural buttons like wood, coconut and shell. I think I was super lucky to find a set of cute teal coloured wooden buttons, the perfect shade in my house with thread to match even if it is a shade or 2 lighter.



I’m just so pleased with my first project of not knitting for over 4 months and so pleased that it didn’t hurt my wrist.

now I’ve just got to wait until my child is big enough to wear his fancy new alpaca jumper.